Recommendation written by Amber Entzel

I am not a fan of fantastical or science fiction literature. However, my son does like shows about wizards so I decided this would be a good book to read together. I was very pleasantly surprised. It was a very easy read which even I enjoyed. The book is about a boy whose parents had died when he was a baby. He grew up with his human aunt and uncle believing his parents had died in a car crash and that was how he had gotten his scar on this forehead.

On Harry’s 11th birthday he finds out he is actually a wizard and his parents had died by the hands of a dark wizard called Voldemort. Harry survived the attack on his family as a baby and received the lightning bolt scar from Voldemort trying to perform the death curse on him.

This book follows Harry’s adventures through his first year at the school of witchcraft and wizardry called Hogwarts. He meets his two best friends Ron and Hermione who join him on his adventures. They find a secret passageway guarded by a three-headed dog called fluffy which leads to a chamber housing the sorcerer’s stone, a very powerful stone which could give Voldemort power enough to come back. Harry ends up defeating Voldemort a second time and protecting the stone.

Again, I was very pleasantly surprised with how easy this book is to read, and my son and I have now finished the first three books of the Harry Potter series.