Recommendation written by Kayla Olson

I read this book based on the recommendations of books I have previously read. I love quick reads on my Kindle app that are a little romantic and “happily ever after” that feature a strong female character who hasn’t quite figured herself out in the beginning of the book, but surely does by the end of the book. This particular book fits all these criteria.

The main character in the story is Dahlia. She is working at a travel agency and has dreams of traveling but really never goes anywhere until her Great Aunt passes and leaves Dahlia her home and book store in a quaint beach town. There were certain criteria that must be met–Dahlia must keep the book shop for one year and make it profitable otherwise the funds from the sale would be split. There were some nagging trustees that kept things interesting, however Dahlia found herself renovating, reconnecting with old friends, and meeting a love interest.

Dahlia figures out how to overcome obstacles, get out of her own head, and really make something for herself in a town she thought she never would.

This is a quick read and is a feel good kind of story. Not the greatest piece of literature I have ever opened up, however, I certainly wanted to finish it! 🙂