Recommendation written by Jen Schepp

This book follows Adrienne, who has been left broke after her ex took all her savings. She has spent her life moving from place to place since her mother died. She ends up in Nantucket and gets a job at a restaurant which is closing after this season. With no money, no restaurant experience, and no real place she calls home, she dives into this life. She meets Thatcher, the owner of the Blue Bistro, and sparks fly. She cannot figure out the relationship between Thatcher and co-owner of the restaurant, Fiona. Fiona is very secretive and stand-offish at the beginning, but as you read along, she opens up little by little. Adrienne struggles with Thatcher and Fiona’s relationship, wondering if she will ever be enough.

I love Elin Hilderbrand’s books! She has such a way of describing the setting: the beach, the restaurant, all of it. You feel like you can taste the food and smell the saltwater! This book gets 4 out of 5 stars from me. While it has your typical love story/breakup/get back together plot in many of the characters, it also highlights loyalty in friendship.