Recommendation written by an anonymous Beulah Library patron

Clint Hill’s stories are amazing, to say the least. You will feel every emotion possible while reading Five Presidents, that follows Clint’s time with the secret service, mainly on the president’s detail. Five Days in November will leave you heartbroken as Clint recalls the days prior, day of, and days after President John F. Kennedy’s assassination. Mrs. Kennedy and Me will take you further into htel ife of Jackie Kennedy during and a year after her duties as First Lady. Clint will be forever in our history books as the secret service agent that jumped onto the back of the presidential limousine as the shots were fired that killed President Kennedy, but what few people know is that he is also a fellow North Dakotan, raised in Washburn. Clint’s books are a great way to learn about some of our presidents in a very intimate way while also learning about some important events in our nation’s history from an eyewitness account. You will also gain a whole new appreciation for what the members of our secret service do on a daily basis to keep our current president and his family protected at all times, even when it comes at the expense of their personal families and overall mental health.

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