We had a great time at story hour yesterday! We read some books and then the kids got to create buildings out of LEGOs! Join us next week, 6/21/17 at 2pm at the Middle School auditorium for a performance by magician Jeff Quinn.

Volunteers needed! Call 873-2884 or visit the library for more info.



You are invited to


at the Beulah Public Library’s 2017 Summer Library Program

Kickoff is on June 7th at Riverside Park in Beulah.


How the Program Works

  1. Children ages 3 to 14 can register for a variety of programs.
  2. You may register for the reading program beginning May 24th.
  3. You’ll receive a time sheet to record the number of hours you read this summer.
  4. We encourage parents to read to their children as part of their reading time.
  5. We’ll be offering a variety of programs, so pick up a

list of events and drop in as often as possible.

  1. Everyone who completes the program by finishing their contract will be invited to a

final party with certificates and prizes

  1. The library welcomes children of all abilities.

For more information, call the library at 701-873-2884 or email us at


You can also visit our website at beulahndlibrary.com