Jessie Mann hired as library director

By Kate Johnson

Beulah Library welcomed a new director this week.

Jessie Mann was offered the position of director and accepted. Jessie grew up in Beulah and graduated from Beulah High School in 2009. From there she went on to North Dakota State University where she earned a degree in human development and family science and graduated in 2013.

Jessie said she wasn’t sure what she wanted to do with her future at that point but knew one thing for certain – that she loved working with people.

While in school Jessie enjoyed classes that discussed child development or activities for nursing home residents. At the core what Jessie was learning centered around her desire to interact with the public creating activities and programs that engage its participants at any age.

After Jessie graduated from university she and her sister went on a backpacking trip around Europe for seven weeks. Jessie said that the highlight of their trip was a cooking class they indulged in while in Florence on a whim.

Jessie said she didn’t realize that she would land a career in a library; however, she did admire the library as a child. “I always kind of thought [working in a library] would be fun and would suit my quieter nature; and I could use a lot of skills I’m good at,” said Jessie.

Jessie enjoys organization, being creative and working with children and adults. She said her new position is exciting, and she is eager to gain engagement in the library.

The library’s story hour has been moved to Thursday and will to take place every week at 10 a.m. in the library (as opposed to the council chambers where it was held previously).

Jessie said she would like to get a feel for the size, how many kids and families arrive, and they may eventually move it back to the council chambers if the numbers increase.

Story hour consists of Jessie reading several books to the children, and it is then followed by a craft, which she assists with.

During previous jobs Jessie said story time was her favorite part of the day – picking out the books and having the kids interact with her and the story.

Jessie pointed out that the library is the center of a town and can be utilized by anyone at any age.

“I think [the library] serves as a hub for people to come and interact with each other; and not only that but have some quiet time, read the paper – there is a lot of different things you can do here,” said Jessie.

A library can serve as a place for legos and story hour; or it can be a place where you read the morning paper; or do your taxes; or search for a new job – a library is the heart of a town and always ready to serve everyone.

Jessie said it is fun to watch the different age groups come in and browse for a new book. The experienced readers know what they are looking for, while the young ones are eager to figure it out; both however hold the same excitement.

Although Jessie is new to a library position she said the fellow librarians have been amazing to work with and learn from.

Growing up in Beulah, moving away and coming back, Jessie said is a fulfilling feeling. Jessie is married to Jordon Mann and together they live in what Jessie refers to as their “dream home.”

“I can’t believe it, I got to grow up here, go to college and now come back and kind of start a new life but in the same environment, surrounded by the same people I’ve loved,” said Jessie.