Register for the Winter Reading Challenge at the library and receive your Bingo card!

Open to adults and teens.


  • The time frame to complete bingos is from the start of the program to the end, which is January 13th through March 31st. The number of bingos you complete in that time is totally up to you.
  • Once you complete a square, cross it off or shade it in lightly.


  • When you complete a bingo on your reading log card (column, row, or diagonal), bring it to the library.
  • The librarian will place a stamp on each square you’ve completed and record your name so we can track how many total bingos you’ve finished. You get to take your bingo card back home with you for the chance to fill in more bingos.


  • For each bingo you complete, you get to enter two tickets into the grand prize drawing, which takes place at the end of the program.
  • This winter’s grand prizes include lots of great gift cards!
  • The grand prize drawing will take place on Wednesday, April 1st, at the library, and the winners will be notified by phone. You do not need to be present to win.